free of charge

In order to use saveMySaying, a saveMySaying-account has to be created. There as less personal data as necessary hast to be entered and saved, see privacy policy. The account is free of charge.


The admin functions are available in english, the saveMySaying Web-App itself is multilingual. You can see all currently available languages in the drop-down-list of the language selection at creation of account (see "Your default language" there).
If you want to support me to translate into another language without pay please contact me using the link above. Thanks a lot!

dispatch by email

When saving a saying, there’s the possibility to send it to an e-mail list additionally.
You can maintain this e-mail list in the admin area at any time later as well.

pdf generation

In order to export your child's sayings easily (e.g. for own backups), you can use a pdf generation.

ics-Export (calendar file)

Furthermore, it is possible to export the children's sayings as a calendar file in .ics format.
If the working day starts with a nice children's saying in the calendar, the start is much more pleasant :-)

up to 9 childs

Per account, you can save the sayings of your own children, but also of your nieces and nephews for example.
That way, you will be keep informed about the sayings of your cognation as well.

runs on smartphone, tablet and PC

saveMySaying is designed as so called Web-App and for this reason it runs on smartphone, tablet and PC:

install saveMySaying on your own webserver

With there will be a separate platform where you can download your own saveMySaying single-instance for installation on your own webserver.
It will take some time until it is finished, but you can subscribe here if you want to be informed about its release.

Technical information:
It will be a free Open Source-solution and will work with PHP and SQLite. Regarding the dynamic pdf generation, FPDF will be used.